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Mark Sultan has been making music for years. Be it as ‘BBQ’, his long-running one-man band, or in a plethora of bands: The Spaceshits, Les Sexareenos, The King Khan & BBQ Show, The Ding-Dongs, The Almighty Defenders, to name a few.
A cult figure, an underrated gem, and Sorcerer, Mark continues to hammer out top-shelf releases and songs while touring incessantly, his live act said to sound and feel like 'a haunted stereo playing pirate radio, complete with all of the static and anticipation'. Some have also said: 'The best one-man band going, absolutely devoid of insincerity or gimmick', and: 'pure magic'."
He’s worked with countless labels: In The Red, Crypt, Bomp!, Goner, Sub Pop, Norton, Fat Possum, Vice, Sympathy, to name a few. He’s toured the world: from Canada to Japan, Israel to Russia, Australia to Thailand, USA to Brazil, etc etc… making fans and enemies everywhere.

Here at wild Honey we're really proud to present his latest 45 ‘Agitated’. The A-Side is an original, the B-Side a classic Troggs cover. This marks Mark’s step back into music as ‘BBQ’, forgoing overdubs in the studio for a live one-man band sound, reminiscent of his acclaimed live show. This is rock’n’roll so stripped down and so honest and timeless, you will get why Sultan’s earlier albums are so revered. He’s the first to admit that while his last albums were ahead of their time in genre-mixing, a visit to the simpler style that made his name was long overdue.
And the live show? Better than ever. Really. An infinitely more positive performer than before, he really knows what he is doing.
It’s easy to forget what Sultan is capable of, or maybe not even know who he is, but listen to ‘garage rock’ from the last 10 years, and you will feel his influence. And to not know his actual singing voice is a shame – it will give you shivers.
He’s burned a million bridges to be where he isn’t today. And still he is the best voice in rock'n'roll nowadays. Lou Reed, a big fan of his records, would probably agree!

This 45 is a taste of a new album due on In The Red, late 2015. Live, off-the-floor, real rock’n’roll, recorded in Sultan’s basement, and mastered by Nene Baratto (Movie Star Junkies). A dip into moody garage sounds of the 60s. No filler, always killer.

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