Cover of vinyl record REVENGE OF THE MOZABITES by artist SUNS OF ARQA



LP - LANTERN - - DUB - In stock
€ 30,00

In 1979 Suns of Arqa creator and mentor Michael Wadada set about recording the ground breaking Suns of Arqa album 'Revenge of the Mozabites' with his friend Adrian Sherwood. Together they formed the ‘4D Rhythm’ label – the world was not ready! Wadada retreated to the Pennine mountain range in Lancashire, Adrian Sherwood went on to create the formidable ‘On-U Sound’ label. Three years went by before a a very curious Peter Gabriel came across a rare copy of that first Suns of Arqa album; he was putting together the very first World of Music and Dance festival (WOMAD), and asked Suns of Arqa to come and perform.

Revenge of the Mozabites is where it all started, this truly eclectic album of world-dub-east-west fusion from Suns of Arqa, ignited what would ultimately become the new World Beat Dub Dance genre which has influenced & inspired so many artists today.

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