Cover of vinyl record GIRLSVILLE by artist THEE HEADCOATEES



LP - GET HIP - - GARAGEROCK - In stock
€ 32,95

These girls are totally in the garage! Now from the Sisterhood of Suave, comes this classic garage album from Thee Headcoatees. From the boss cover of “Wild Man” to the hilarious “Dirty Old Man” the Sisterhood brings you Thee Headcoats sound from another perspective. Other gender flipping covers include “Melvin” (Gloria), “Run For Your Life” and “Boysville.” In the beginning was “She Who Is The Void” and throughout time her song has been sung. Find out what happens “When The Night Comes”; learn what’s “Round Every Corner.” Meet the enigmatic “Melvin!” Try some “Stolen Love” but be prepared to “Run For Your Life.” Gone forever are the Sirens who enchanted the men of old. Thee Headcoatees are here and inviting us to visit Girlsville. See you there!

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