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Legendary and ultra-rare 1981 album by Indonesian supergroup TRANSS, included on Rolling Stone Indonesia's list of the 150 greatest Indonesian albums of all time in 2007. It is the sole record from the supergroup.

Beginning in the 80s, after releasing the album "Sakura", Fariz RM whispered wanting to make a band based on jazz rock or fusion. Incidentally at that time Jakarta was hit by fusion fever. At that time young children were endlessly talking about Chick Corea, Steve Gadd , Stanley Clarke, Al di Meola and others.

When there was an Inter Band High School Festival competition held in Jakarta they competed in the event.

Well, Fariz is eyeing some of the best instrumentalists from the Inter-SMA Band Festival dropout, including Erwin Gutawa, a bassist at the VI Bulungan Band High School (crazy ... while playing Erwin, showed off his reliability in playing bass in the song "Spain" by Chick Corea you know). Then there was Uce Haryono Hudioro drummer from Xungan Bulungan High School who at that time also helped with the album Chaseiro (Musica Studio 1979) and the album Guruh and Swara Maharddhika (Pramaqua 1979).

For the keyboard division there are Djundi Karjadi and Eddie Harris who are from Jakarta Kanisius High School, also from the Festival Band event.
Then there was Hafil Perdanakusumah (flute, vocal) and the late Wibi AK (percussion), both of whom also joined the Swara Maharddhika Band with Uce Haryono.

Then Transs released an album in Akurama Record with a very tendentious tagline: Indonesian music renewal in color, personality and style. Perhaps this was just a joke. But apparently a few years later, began to mushroom fusion bands like Transs who were uprooted from the Light Music event Contest. There are Krakatau, Emerald, Spirit, Halmahera and whatnot. Even in the mid-80s, two Transs exponents were involved in the Karimata group: Erwin Gutawa and Uce Haryono.

Their interest in fusion is indeed shed on the album with a catchy graphic design. Even the Trans pose in front of the Hotel San Vicente would not want to remind us of the cover of Al Di Meola's album "Splendido Hotel" (1980).
Erwin Gutawa performed a rather playful bass playing. Many indulged in slapping techniques. At that time, bass playing style of Marcus Miller or Anthony Jackson became a lot of inspiration for the band's kids. The show also featured qualified drumming qualities. It seemed that Uce adopted a lot of Steve Gadd's drumming patterns. Chick Corea synthesizer who always applies glissando contained in the Transs keyboards game.

"But in some songs, it is precisely Fariz who plays the bass. Very good at it," explained Djundi Karjadi, son of the owner of the luxury studio Gelora Seni Studio.

An instrumental work entitled "Transsession" is arguably the best work on this album. Packed in a Samba beat pattern, this song has a strong Brazillian Jazz nuance. There is an influence of Return to Forever but sometimes the Azymuth fusion trio style sometimes occurs.

Unfortunately, Hafil rather limped in blowing his flute. As well as the vocal quality of Hafil and Dhandung SSS, which was felt to be grade-level. Dhandung's effort to apply the falsetto technique in "Secitra Cita" does need improvement. Fortunately, Fariz and guest star Wiwik Lismani could save the vocal division.

The influence of Gino Vannelli was felt in the song "Kelangan Dusta" sung by Hafil. At least there were some similar bars of notation in the song "Love of My Life" by Gino Vannelli from the album "The Gist of the Gemini" (1976)

Regrettably, Transs only released one album. But this album can be considered as one of the blueprints of the fusion music movement in Indonesia. It is not wrong if Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine lists the album "Hotel San Vicente" as one of 150 Best Indonesian Albums of All Time.

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