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Trigger Cut is a German trio of modernist punk clangers and Buster is their debut full-length of disorienting noise and dismantled rawwk. 

Available on vinyl, CD and digital, Buster finds the band taking the absurdist punk mutations of the avant-garde classic Doc at The Radio Station by Captain Beefheart and pushes it through the sludgy and jagged lenses of bands like Big Black and the Melvins. The resulting sound transfixes, shocks and batters your senses all at once. 

Every track here just rips and veers off into completely unexpected directions. Then again, the closing track,“Westworld,” starts within atypical territory right off the bat. The song begins with a nearly mechanical riff that’s set to a strange time signature. As the piece progresses, the band rocks out with nerve-jangling textures and unhinged wailing, which creeps under your skin. The whole track begins to feel very claustrophobic and feverish, making it feel like the ending will never come. However, when the song does in fact actually end, it reaches a weirdly conventional rock and roll climax. This sudden break into normalcy is perhaps the weirdest and most jarring aspect of the entire album. It just sneaks up on you out of nowhere. I love it. 

Like an aggressive Judith Godwin painting turned into sound and then fed through a stack of razor blade-filled amps, Trigger Cut’s record is murky, barbed and takes some repeated visits for it all to make perfect sense. 

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