Cover of vinyl record HAMBURGER SAIGNANT 2 by artist V/A



€ 21,50

About three years after volume 1, Hamburger Saignant 2 is out and brings you 14 more bands from Belgium and France. Though they may be Garage, Punk, Psych or whatever (you’ll see that the spectrum is even broader than on volume 1), they’re still the ones you dig. So seat tight, fasten your seat-belts and enjoy the ride ! 
Mastered by Lo'Spider, artwork by Antoine Marchalot.

A1 Thee Marvin Gays Alerte Niveau 4
A2 Jaromil Sabor Aedion 101
A3 Dividers (2) I Don't Give A Fuck (About Rock & Roll)
A4 Asphalt Thinkin Of The Usa
A5 Druggy Pizza The Last Slice
A6 Warm Swords Try Something New
A7 Baal (28) Black Smokers
B1 Magique Spencer Et Son Gros Pouvoir Du Rêve Panthère Des Neiges
B2 Warm Toy Machine Wall Of Death
B3 The Hands (3) Always Ready
B4 Avenue Z 100%
B5 Vince And His Lost Delegation With You All Is Beautiful
B6 Destination Lonely Love In Vain
B7 Precheur Loup Kounou

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