Cover of vinyl record WELL KNOWN STRANGERS 14×7″ Singles Box Set by artist VARIOUS ARTISTS


WELL KNOWN STRANGERS 14×7″ Singles Box Set

14 x 7 inch - UNROCK - - AVANT-GARDE - In stock
€ 95,75

The Well Known Strangers 7“ Singles Box Set documents the history of the Unrock singles (as we know it).  International dervishes galore….Fourteen singles, thirteen were originally released in the Unrock Series, or have been part  of our Saraswati Series and came first with the Early-Bird-Editions of the regular albums.

Instead of the only missing single (Bill Orcutt/Sir Richard Bishop – Damenwartesaal/Opium Den) it contains a special 7“ single which will only be available as part of the box. Clandestine Trio – Blue Shell 7“ (Alan Bishop, Richard Bishop, Chris Corsano) performed at Unrock’s 25th anniversary show in Cologne in November 2017. While those thirteen singles are all comming in the same plain black lined sleeves, Clandestine Trio – Blue Shell 7“ has a full colour very heavy tip-on cardboard sleeve.

The box itself is made by hand from the finest colored cardboard in coffee brown and black, with a shiny black hotfoil ink on the front. It is released in a numbered (embossed) edition of 128 copies only. You’ll find a full color 4-page printed inlay, and a sticker of the current Unrock snakecharmer logo. Some randomly chosen boxes will contain badges or original leftover tickets of our 25th anniversary show in Colgne in 2017.

Alvarius B – Grand Slam  7“ (clear vinyl)  – Tema Popolaresco / Grand Slam

Sir Richard Bishop/Ava Mendoza – Split 7“ – Saraqusta / Feral Twin (solo version) 7“

A-Trio w/ Alan Bishop – (single-sided clear vinyl) 7“ Roughly Jenny

Sam Shalabi/Alvarius B – Split 7“ – Mr. Koko / Why Can’t Chinese Women Drive

Eyvind Kang/Tashi Dorji – Split 7“ – Sonic Gnostic / If I Were You, I’d Leap Into The Torrent

Karkhana – (single-sided) 7“ – Seun’s Room

Sunn Trio/Joel Robinson – Split 7“ – Touch Seang Tana / Taqasim For Ashmahan

AAMM (A-Trio & AMM) – 7“ – In The House Of No Lord (Part 1 & 2)

Sir Richard Bishop & W.David Oliphant/Karkhana – Split 7“ – Yakasha / Rock Farock (live)

Dwarfs Of East Agouza / Corsano & Orcutt – Split 7“ – Camel Toe / Cyclone 4

Karkhana – 7“ – Sidi Mansour (Part 1 & 2)

Sir Richard Bishop / Ed Yazijian – Split 7“ – Untitled/Untitled/Untitled

Jane & The Magik Bananas – 7“ – Thum/Phren

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