Cover of vinyl record BIZARRO HYMNS by artist VINCENT, SONNY



LP - GET HIP - - PUNK - In stock
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Punk Rock mainstay Sonny Vincent (The Testors) is back with a mesmerizing new album featuring The Stooges’ Scott Asheton and Torben Wesche of King Kahn & The Shrines. Written and recorded in 2011, Bizarro Hymns is stacked with 15 raw new tracks bristling with explosive ‘77 Punk attitude and fuzzed-out Blues Rock euphoria.

Says Vincent, “I wrote all the songs over the course of around six months, I didn't just write them, I lived them. It was in 2011. Lots of joy, lots of pain and suffering, wild times, incarceration, love, hate, sin, loss, debauchery, retribution, sorrow, forgiveness, rising to the heights and falling on my know, just an average day in the life of a man in these times.”

Album opener “’Don’t Give A Fuck’ is an attitude-soaked, middle finger riff-a-rama that is a trademark Sonny Vincent offering. There is no let up in the quality of the playing nor the songwriting as 'Sink Hole' gives way to ‘Till There Was You.’ A change of pace as Vincent slips a gear or two for the fantastically dreamy run of 'Picture Album' which sounds like it was written for Stiv Bators as Vincent delivers a great hook with the added swirls of organ in the background.

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