Cover of vinyl record THE RETURN by artist WEIJTERS, BRAM -CRAZY MEN



LP - SBDAN ULTRA - - JAZZ - In stock
€ 23,95

Bram Weijters' Crazy Men is a thrilling take on Belgian jazz-rock and fusion from the 1970s. Consisting of musicians from a wide array of contemporary jazz bands including Lucid Lucia (ex BRZZVLL), Dans Dans, STUFF. and Cargo Mas, the ensemble is led by Antwerp based piano and keyboard player, Bram Weijters. The Return takes further inspiration from the period with 14 reworking’s of compositions from artists including Philip Catherine, Placebo, Palle Mikelborg ensemble, Bob Porter, Cos and Koen de Bruyne But this is no lazy rehash, copy or rip-off. Psychedelic, free-spirited and infectiously groovy, The Return perfectly captures the inspiring crossover energy that seemed to prevail in the Belgian jazz scene of the 70s.

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