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7 inch - GOODBYE BOOZY - - PUNK - In stock
€ 9,00

"Got a new one today from the many monikers
of Bobby Hussy (The Hussy, Cave Curse, Wristwatch).
The new outfit pairs Hussy up with fellow WI compatriots Tyler Spatz
(Cave Curse, Wristwatch) and Riley Heninger (The Moguls).
The band pushes through a blistered vision of punk,
growling and seething with a discomfort that’s,
frankly understandable given our current vision of the future in 2022.
The four-song EP chums the waters of our daily dilemma,
peeling a few layers of resolve off of the mind with the biting “Cure,”
riding the bile through the bloodstream on “Spit,”
and bruising soft tissues on “Kick.”
- Raven Sings The Blues -

limited 270 copies

220 in b/w ,
50 in paper green

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