Cover of vinyl record DEAD LEAVES DROP by artist FROM WOLVES TO WHALES



LP - DROPA DISC - - JAZZ - In stock
€ 22,75

The term ‘supergroup’ often comes with tacky connotations, but this is the real deal. Through hard work and a tirelessly inquisitive spirit, Nate Wooley, Dave Rempis, Pascal Niggenkemper and Chris Corsano have become some of the most versatile improvisers of their generation. As From Wolves To Whales, they turn their imposing collective strength into a relentless new whole. Relentless, not just because of the energy levels or the generous amount of freedom, but because of the consistent inventiveness they display. This takes place on an individual level (let it be clear that each musician is a monster on his own instrument), but also because they always keep the bigger picture in mind. As such, Dead Leaves Drop is a terrific example of what all great improvising bands aspire to: find the shortest route from thought to action and turn it into brand new forms that transcend the sum of their parts.

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