Cover of vinyl record ASSEMBLER by artist YEN TECH



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With Assembler, his second full-length album, Yen Tech re emerges in ecstatic and primordial new form -- a multi-layered and interwoven work that blends futuristic production, meta-science fiction, and anthropic critique into a dizzying array of next scenarios -- a maze-like vision of our technological and exponentially oracular, full-stack future.

This imagined future becomes a construct or place in itself; one in which the record buzzes and swarms; a mechanosphere of towering melodic vocal samples and sound design - all narrated by Yen Tech's unnerving, diaristic vocals - as he channels the form of post-human techno cretin, whispering hyperbolic ASMR to no one in particular. We follow this character from one disorienting experience to the next as he recites a stream of indecipherable neologisms and hyper-descriptives, the existential residue seeping from every line. In the end though, a strange, uneasy beauty comes into focus; the metamorphic lyrics and musical euphorias revealing Assembler as a type of elegy: a wet glass reflection of the failures of what we are and were - and a jubilant celebration of what we may become.

"I imagined Assembler as a type of self imposed simulation, an invisible boundary that the narrator has to navigate out of to move forward. It was a way of looking at how we may carry the issues and failures of the past with us into the future. The psychological baggage of history, the guilt of geotrauma, the addictive melange of technology all become dealt with in this stage of acceptance and recovery. I wrote the album with this in mind, a process to find the slimy pearl of who we are" - Yen Tech

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