Cover of vinyl record LIVE P.S.F. by artist NARITA, MUNEHIRO



€ 25,50

Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records bring forth Munehiro Narita's cranium busting Live P.S.F (Psychedelic San Francisco). Recorded live at the Hemlock Tavern (by PSF worshiper Ethan Miller). Munehiro Narita, the original "psychedelic speed freak", is for many people the undisputed king of the motorcycle fuzz guitar. Active since the late '70s, Narita is a Japanese psychedelic underground legend. After playing in cult bands like Kyoaku no Intention, he founded the brutal heavy-psych power trio High Rise in the '80s and more recently Green Flames with his furious guitar playing, which involves lethal doses of fuzz-wah at ear-splitting volume. Narita was lucky to be in the right place in Tokyo to see many performances by one of the most out of control guitar players ever to handle six strings in Takashi Mizutani (Les Rallizes Denudes) as well as taking in wild performances from Keiji HainoGaseneta, and their take no prisoner maelstrom is a style that Munehiro holds dear too. When Munehiro Narita needed a band for playing four west coast dates in 2017, Steve Krakow knew that LA acid punk David Jasso (OGOD) would be the perfect musician/foil for Narita (it should be noted that David released Green Flames on his Assommer label). David in turn knew drummer TJ. Six tracks were quickly nailed in rehearsals -- a selection of High Rise (four) and Green Flames (two) tunes were then played over the four dates. The shows left audience stunned (listen to the reaction from this show) and by the time of the San Francisco show they were on fire. Luckily, Ethan Miller was there to press record and document this feral in the red paint peeler of a gig as Munehiro Narita peels off wah soaked fireballs on top of the primal throb and groove that David Jasso and TJ lay down. Another of the hopefully famed Cardinal Fuzz bootleg style releases, Narita's guitar playing out front in the mix distorting and warping time and space The whirlwind take on closing number "Pop Sicle" perfectly captures the wild fury of all three musicians creating an energy that is impossible to sedate. Ethan Miller somehow managed to capture and record some of the most brutal playing in prime tape saturated / in the red glory for you know to relive. The positivity of these shows eventually led to all three members forming P.S.F. and their debut LP was released on Black Editions in 2019 (BE 1003LP). Full size/color insert; includes download code; edition of 500.

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