Cover of vinyl record DOST 2 by artist YILDIRIM, DERYA & GRUP SIMSEK



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Outernational pop group Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek unveil the second and final part of their double album 'Dost 1 & 2.' Once again, their subtle and groovy Anatolian psych folk sound matches the powerful quality of the songs often led by Yildirim's sublime vocals and baglama (Turkish lute). With 'Dost 2,' the band have broadened their songwriting horizons and refined their idiosyncratic arrangement skills. Most of 'Dost 2''s material was composed by the band, with two notable tracks composed by guitarist flautist Antonin Voyant whose melodic work brings the music to an unnostalgic, yet deep and meaningful place. The lyrics were penned by Derya Yildirim in collaboration with Berlin based writer Duygu Agal, adding another string to Grup Simsek's bow. Here they captured a lively, unique piece of interpretation which connects to the
meaning of 'Dost' as the text inserted inside the vinyl/CD explains 'Dost' is a friend, a comrade, a brother, a sister and even more than that. 'Dost' is the connection to keep this life and world meaningful". No doubt that with 'Dost 2' Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek will bring sounds, people and emotions together.

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