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Glitching through pop music, cruising around the borders of the avant garde, passing by the edge of coldwave and tumbling into dance and club vibes: after her debut 'Bad Woman' Céline Gillain is back with her second album: 'Mind is Mud'. On 'Mind is Mud’ Gillain let herself sink in the swamp of emotional confusion, the perpetual brain fog caused by a post Covid-world, asking herself: do we have to get used to paradox as a way of life from now on?* A musical dissection in nine songs of the mudflow, a flow which reveals its rich complexity the more Gillain dived into it: from the demanding intro ‘Together’ Céline opens up her highly personal and unique vision, shifting between high definition lost dimensions and emotions, the mud slowly transfers in a crackling and sparkling stream of consciousness. The mud is well alive in all its weirdness and unclarity. At times, it even glows in the dark.

*The answer to that question is yes.

The story of Mind is Mud by Céline Gillain
“Music is a place where intuiting is a work in itself. For me, it’s the one place where I’m in charge, free to think and do what I want. Mind is Mud is the fruit of a collaborative practice with a DAW, a research around the palliative power of rhythm and the dancefloor, music as a space where emotions and ideas merge, storytelling, the comic potential and imaginative nature of sound. I don’t really write, I copy paste and then I arrange and rearrange. Every sound I use comes from software, field recording, Instagram, movies and midi scores I collect here and there. In the hierarchy of sounds, you might call them cheap sounds. The lyrics are collages as well, made of pieces of texts from various sources. In addition to using the voice as a vehicle for ideas, I investigate its percussive and polyphonic potentialities, the possibility to have more than one voice/mouth.” 

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