Cover of vinyl record Kaf Afrit  by artist PRAED


Kaf Afrit

LP - AKUPHONE - - WORLD - In stock
€ 28,50

Swiss/Lebanese experimental duo Praed (Raed Yassin & Paed Conca) is back with a new blast! A band whose musical oeuvre can be described as a mixture of Arabic popular music, free jazz, and electronics.

Following Doomsday Survival Kit previously released in 2019 (Akuphone, AKU1011), Kaf Afrit keeps the listener in suspense by imposing its cataclysmic universe. An album inspired by Shams al-Ma'arif, a 13th century esoteric and magic book from Egypt composed of four furious pieces that don't leave you unscathed. The fantastic artwork is once again made by Raphaelle Macaron.

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